Three red mice, Seven blue pigs, four orange tomatoes..... Observation, memory and speed are required for this card game full of crazy combinations.

The Caméléon deck includes 54 combination cards, each with a number, a color and an object, along with a single wild chameleon card. Each player starts the round by drawing one of these cards and laying it face up on the table.

A randomly chosen dealer then turns over cards from the deck one by one, and any player who wants the card on the top of the stack must cover it with his hand, then name the three elements on the card. If he's correct, he claims the card; if he collects three cards, each with one of the three elements on his target card, he wins the round. The first player to win two rounds wins the game.


Designer : RV Rigal

Artist : Tony Rochon


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 - 55 cards

 - 1 rulebook

Observation - Speed - Memory

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Russian edition

Russian edition 2.0

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