Doggy Bag: you will necessarily hit a snag!

London, early nineteenth century, the terrifying Fagin exploits a pack of dogs orphans, forcing them to steal bones for him everywhere in the city. Famished orphans try every night to recover some valuable loot ... but Fagin sleeps with one eye!


In this risk taking game, each player must add 2-4 bones in the bag at the beginning of each round to avoid the wrath of Fagin. Then everyone decides how many bones he will try to recover at night, enjoying a special action for his temerity. The bones will be more or less valuable. But it is important to pay attention to those that Fagin has trapped to catch everyone with its hands in the cookie jar.

Designer : Antonin Boccara

Artist : Aline Kirrmann


Publisher :


Press your luck - Tactic - Family



- 100 bones

- 9 tokens

- 6 screens

- 1 bag

- 1 rulebook







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