In this strategy card game, you will yourself determine, in the course of the game, the number of tricks (all cards played on a round and won by a player) that you must win. In addition, your opponents and yourself can alter the trump (color that overrides the others) suit at any time; but this will cost you, so will you do it?

It is up to you to constantly decide on the best option and to adapt to situations combining uncertainty, tension and risk-taking!


Eternity is an original trick-taking game that revisits the classic card games like Whist or Belote.

Designer : Cyril Blondel & Jim Dratwa

Artist : Virginie Rapiat


Publisher :



- 42 game cards

- 18 Tree tokens

- 3 trump tiles

- 1 scoring pad

- 1 pencil

 - 1 rulebook

Card game - Tricks - Strategy






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