Welcome to the Freak Shop ! As a weird mansion owner you came to this shop to acquire all the most frightening things, that you must absolutely have in your mansion to host tourists properly.

In this neat family friendly card game, you will compete with other players to build the nicest Mansion. To do so, you will trade cards from your Mansion (cards in front of you) for cards in the Shop (available at the center of the center). But you only have two options : EITHER trade a series of cards of one value against the same number of another value, OR trade card(s) against other(s) for the same total value.

The clever trick is to use both of these trade types wisely, first to make the size of your Mansion grow, then to best answer the 3 objective tiles indicating what will grant points at the end of this game.

Designer : Henri Kermarrec

Artists :  Miguel Coimbra


Publisher :




- 66 cards

- 12 tiles

- 1 scorepad

- 1 rulebook






Cards - Trade - Horror

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