Merlin was captured by a witch while he  was steeling a spell book from his father. His friends, Viviane, Lancelot, Guinevere and Arthur found Merlin and the book. Now they must reach the village of Broceliande together to give the spell book back to it's rightful owner. But be careful for Morphage. Players will send (literally) spells on the track according to a precise technique indicated by a special dice. According to the case indicated by the spell, players will advance a character, use a secret passage, give a character invisibility or reverse the hourglass. But, these spells can also have side effects that will waste precious time to players. The cat wall advance whenever the hourglass will have elapsed (ie once per minute)or whenever and 3 spells have been sent off to the track spells. If the cat catch up a character on the board he or she will be eaten.

Designer : Annick Lobet

Artists : Stan & Vince


Publisher :



 - A board game and a     Magic Spell small board

 - 5 recto-verso pawns

 - A special dice

 - 3 Magic Spell tokens

 - 1  « Hourglass-cat »

 - 16 unexpected effects cards

Cards - Cooperation/Dexterity - Speed

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Russian edition

US edition

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