3D Island - Anticipation - Team adventure

Jump on the island of SOL but choose your side wisely :

Conquistadors or adventurers, only one team can find the God of Sun statue and, more importantly, bring it back safely to their boat.

In this streamlined action points system based adventure, players will use the skills and the special ability of their different character to explore the island, search for clues about the position of the treasure and fight with characters from the opposed team. Each to the advantage of their team.

SOL works well with few players, starting with 2, but it has been designed to allow for up to 8 players to join and share a light, fun, fast paced teamplay experience in less than an hour.

Designer : Pierre Buty

Artists :  Naïade


Publisher :




- 1 Island game board

- 11 Island elements (to be assembled into 3 blocks)

- 8 Temple tokens

- 37 Search tokens

- 14 Character reference sheets

- 2 special dice (1 per team)

- 2 Boat tokens (1 per team)

- 8 Flag tokens

- 14 Character pawns

- 1 Treasure Map board

- 1 big Medallion of the Sun token

- 1 small God of the Sun’s Statue token

- 18 Clue cards

- 8 special token (for the advanced rules)

- 1 rulebook







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