Each round becomes more challenging as another onomatopoeia is added to the game. As its name suggests, Zik is a singing game beautifully illustrated by six talented artists, to be played individually or in teams. Players guess artists or titles by humming onomatopoeias! 8 song titles are offered to the player for each of his game turns. He chooses one of them and tries to make the other players guess it. The first player to recognize the title or singer wins a card, as well as the player who has just sung it. As the game progresses, the difficulty increases: You start with 1 onomatopoeia, then 2, 3, and finally 4. Have a try at humming Happy Birthday with the onomatopoeia « Boom »! Being ridiculous won’t kill you, so let’s play, fun is guaranteed!



Designer : Cyril Blondel

Artists : David BONIFFACY, Maeva DA SILVA, Christine DESCHAMPS, Mélanie FUENTES, Tony ROCHON,



Publisher :



 - 54 Cards

 - 1 Rulebook

Cards - Rhytm - Ambiance

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